ASIC and NFARegulated by ASIC and NFA
What is the stock index ?
A stock index is a CFD that uses the stock price index as the subject matter. BG's stock index trading supports 5 x 24 hours a week including VN30, S&P, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, German Finger, Nikkei 225, Hong Kong 50, and many other popular products, so that you can stay at home. Can invest in global stock markets.
US Tech 100
  • The VN30 index covers the trading stocks of the 30 largest listed companies in Vietnam ’s market capitalization. It is an important part of the Vietnamese stock market, which has market representativeness and fully reflects the characteristics of the Vietnamese stock market.
  • The US Tech 100 is based on the Nasdaq 100 Index and traded under the code Tech100. The index selects 100 companies with large market capitalization and mainly high-tech listed on the NASDAQ exchange, reflecting the Nasdaq overall market and US high-tech companies' indices.
  • The DAX30 is made up of 30 large blue chip German companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol GER30. The index is an important stock index that ranks the same as the London Financial Times Index in Europe and is one of the important indexes in the world securities market.
Affecting stock index factorsAFFECTING STOCK INDEX FACTORS
01Economic growth, inflation02Political factors03Government fiscal measures (such as US tax cuts, large infrastructure, etc.)
04Central Bank Monetary Policy05Exchange rate changes06Operation status of each listed company07International Financial Trends
BG stock index advantageBG STOCK INDEX ADVANTAGE
  • Low entry level, high yield
  • Global stocks can be traded 24 hours a day without leaving home
  • High volume and high market transparency
  • Two-way trading, both ups and downs can be profitable
  • Hedging function, the risk of stock market can be hedged by stock index
  • Ultra-low transaction cost, 0 commission, spreads drop 70%