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What is foreign exchange
The forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. The average daily trading volume is as high as 4 trillion US dollars. No institution can manipulate the exchange rate between countries. The data affecting the exchange rate are issued by the national authorities. The transaction is fair and transparent. Support 24 hours, T+0, two-way trading, buy and sell also have profit opportunities. The exchange rate refers to the price of a country's currency expressed in another country's currency, or the price between the two countries' currencies. Forex trading is actually the exchange rate for buying and selling.
Influencing forex factors
Currency can be regarded as a commodity, and the price of a commodity is most affected by the relationship between supply and demand. Factors affecting the relationship between money supply and demand including central bank monetary policy, national economic situation, geopolitical situation, natural disasters, etc. The price of a commodity fluctuates around the value of a commodity. The intrinsic value of a country's currency is determined by the country's credit and economic conditions, and is reflected in the country's economic data. Investors can use the economic data of various countries to judge the trend of the exchange rate.
Forex is a two-way transaction, which can be either buying long or selling short. Generally speaking, if you think the exchange rate will go up, buy it; if you think it will fall, sell it. If the direction is judged correctly, the middle spread is earned.
The calculation is as follows: Total profit and loss = (sell price – purchase price) x contract unit x lot size ± overnight interest
Note: If you open & close a position on the same day, you do not need to pay the overnight interest. The actual overnight interest is subject to the platform display.
You buy 0.5 lots of EUR/USD through the MT4 platform, the contract unit is 100,000 Euros, the purchase price is 1.1710, and the position is closed at the selling price of 1.1780 on the same day.
Total profit
= (sell price – purchase price) x contract unit x lot size ± overnight interest=(1.1780-1.1710)x100000 x0.5±0=350USD
You sell 1 lot of EUR/USD through MT4 platform, the contract unit is 100,000 Euros, the selling price is 1.1540, and the position is closed at the purchase price of 1.1480 on the same day.
Total profit
= (sell price – purchase price) x contract unit x lot size ± overnight interest=(1.1540-1.1480)x100000 x1-0=600USD

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