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What is commodities ?
Commodities are homogenized and tradable in financial markets, and widely used as industrial raw materials. They are mainly divided into three categories, namely, energy commodities, basic raw materials, and agricultural and sideline products, among which the most familiar. There are crude oil, precious metals and so on. With the continuous development of the financial market and the investment education on ordinary people, the trading of commodities such as gold and crude oil has gradually entered the public market. Many investors have realized financial freedom through the trading platform of BG.
Precious metals
Crude oil
  • Precious metals definition
    Precious metals spot gold and spot silver have the functions of value-added and hedging. The transactions are all over the world, with daily trading volume of more than 1 trillion US dollars. It is one of the most popular trading varieties on the market and is also known as the world's largest stock. However, no institution or consortium has sufficient financial strength to control this huge market, and its open and transparent trading model is well recognized by investors.
  • The impact of the US dollar
    Precious metals are quoted in US dollars, and investors generally use gold as an alternative investment product for the US dollar. Therefore, they have a relatively negative correlation. Generally, the price of gold goes up and the US dollar will fall.

    Hedging demand
    Events such as war, geopolitical tensions, and economic crises will cause safe-haven demand in the market, thereby increasing safe-haven buying of precious metals and supporting their price increases.

    Supply and demand
    Any commodity is affected by the relationship between supply and demand. If the supply of precious metals exceeds demand, the price will fall, and if the supply exceeds demand, the price will rise.

BG commodity advantagesBG COMMODITY ADVANTAGE
  • 01

    Two-way trading
    can be profitable

  • 02

    Huge volume and high
    market transparency

  • 03

    24-hour T+0 trading

  • 04

    Precious metals have the
    function of maintaining
    value, increasing value
    and avoiding

  • 05

    Crude oil and natural gas
    can resist inflation, and
    also invest in

  • 06

    Low transaction costs,
    0 commission with
    spreads drop

  • 07

    low entry level,
    high yield