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What's wrong with gold futures trading?

Post Time:2020-01-07 10:06:45  By:BG

  Now gold futures trading is the choice of many people, because compared with other monetary funds, the income of gold futures trading is still good, compared with stock trading, his risk is much smaller, so gold futures trading is loved by many friends, so today we will talk about gold futures trading together. Many people have bought gold futures many times, but how much do they know about gold futures? Maybe they don't know much about it, they just buy it by their own feelings, or they buy it by following other people's way. In fact, it's all very incorrect. Since speaking of the wrong place, let's talk about the mistakes in gold futures trading!

  First of all, many people buy and sell blindly, which is what I said before. They buy with their own feelings. Maybe many people think that these investment transactions depend more on luck. If you get profits from your investment, it's your good luck. If you fail in your investment, it's your bad luck. In fact, this idea is wrong. If you want to get more profits, you need to have a better understanding of gold futures. Only after you know it, you can have your own way to buy and sell gold. In this way, you can't buy and sell gold blindly. You can't buy and sell gold by your own feeling. You will have your own way in a long time. Then It's very easy to get profits.
  The second point is that there is no stop loss in time. After many friends buy gold, the price of gold falls, which makes them lose. Then some people may think that if I put it like this, the price will rise one day, then I can make profits. In fact, no matter what, we need to have a better understanding of the market situation, and then stop the loss in time, so that we can Minimize risk and loss. My friend just because did not stop loss in time, guarantee certain fluke psychology, so can lose more and more, this is very uneconomical actually.
  In fact, in addition to the above two points, I have a lot to say about the mistakes in gold futures trading, but because of the limited time, I will only talk about these two points today. If there is a chance next time, I will tell you what I want to say one by one, so that you can have a better understanding of gold futures trading, and hope you can get more Profit.

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