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What kind of existence does VN's foreign exchange trading center have?

Post Time:2020-01-06 10:12:44  By:BG

  People who often trade foreign exchange know that VN has its own foreign exchange trading center. It is also called the National Interbank Funding Center. It was established relatively early. It was established on April 18, 1994, and this is VN. The head office of the People's Bank of VN is directly affiliated with public institutions, so it has a certain reputation guarantee. It is a regulation of the inter-bank money market and also provides trading in some currencies. It generally includes the processing of information after the transaction, and the provision of some basic training services. Not only that, this kind of trading center will also undertake the testing work of the trading market. It is a semi-official institution in VN. At present, more and more people are conducting foreign exchange transactions in VN.

  We need to have a clear understanding of its business and services so that we can have a detailed understanding of it. We all know that the State Administration of Foreign Exchange inVN is the regulatory department of the foreign exchange market, and the open market operation room of the People's Bank of VN usually controls the foreign exchange market. This is complemented by the existence of a trading center, which is responsible for the basic operation of the foreign exchange market. These three departments came together to easily and stably stabilize our foreign exchange market. Therefore, general trading centers still have relatively large responsibilities. VN Foreign Exchange Trading Center will implement a variety of technical means, a variety of trading methods, basic policies to meet the needs of different levels of the market to ensure the rational operation of the market.
  In general, we are curious about the foreign exchange trading methods. The foreign exchange market uses electronic bidding trading systems to organize transactions. Members make their own quotations through on-site or remote trading terminals, and the trading system composes the transactions according to "price priority, time priority". Members can choose DDN, F.R or dial-up Internet to achieve remote networking. This can complete the most basic trading work, and at the same time it is also a trading method for these platforms in most cases. Developed to this day people are already familiar with this kind of transaction, and at the same time, they are more and more optimistic about this market, resulting in the market's activity has been relatively high.
  The foreign exchange trading center stabilizes the basic fluctuations of the foreign exchange market, can ensure that the foreign exchange market exists in a relatively stable manner, which can also reduce the occurrence of some risks, and it provides an independent choice, so if you choose For foreign exchange transactions, usually enter the center to choose. This is a kind of responsibility to yourself and a test between different platforms. Especially for those who have just joined the industry, trading here is a safer way.

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