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How to better understand crude oil futures?

Post Time:2020-01-13 18:14:05  By:BG

  The first is to choose the best crude oil futures company with an agency consulting service agency in China. Objectively speaking, there are very few domestic institutions (including individuals) who dare to openly represent the business of overseas margin companies. And very little does not mean no. An agency is definitely better than no one. Most of the overseas margin platforms are far away from the horizon, and investors often encounter such problems and need to be consulted. It's not fair for investors to call (international) long distances for everything. There are agents in China. First, they can help investors solve various problems in account opening, deposit and withdrawal, and operations, and provide investors with various consulting services, including operational support. For investors, it is psychologically important to be able to find people in the country and not see the managers at all. If a margin platform does not even have the confidence to establish an agency in mainland China, how can investors Rest assured. The second is to choose a crude oil futures platform within China. From the perspective of preventing moral hazard, China can only use legal self-defense to protect the interests of investors.

  Although in today's globalized world, international law can also restrain malicious perpetrators (investors), but in terms of the hidden nature of the margin company and the refurbishment of tort means, the use of international law is basically impossible, not to mention the huge cost. Objectively speaking, the reason why investors now choose to open an account overseas is that they have to do nothing but believe that foreigners may be more real than Chinese. However, no matter how you send money abroad, you still don't have a solid heart. Therefore, like many investors, I hope that there are also margin companies and margin trading platforms in mainland China. Of course, as I have told you in the first paragraph, although there are margin platforms in China, they are not really connected to the international market at present, and it is difficult for overseas margin companies to enter China! However, I also want to report to investors that a margin participation model between the two has been born.
  This is the way that the funds do not leave the country, or exit through the formal channel of the bank, and the trading platform is overseas. Although investors' deposits are not made through Chinese state-owned banks, foreign banks have already started this business, and deposit banks are one of the operators of margin platforms. It should be said that this model has at least eliminated the risk that many investors are afraid of being cheated. It should be said that this is not only the gospel of domestic margin investors, but also the tremendous pressure on domestic banks and financial institutions. Because competition is really here, and it is aimed at the weakest crude oil futures trade in China.

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