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How to choose an online foreign exchange trading platform

Post Time:2020-01-13 18:13:19  By:BG

  Which aspects should we pay attention to when choosing an online foreign exchange trading platform? First, consideration of transaction costs. At present, the transaction costs of various margin platforms are also very different, some are as high as 20 points, some are only three points, and some even declare no points in the advertisement. It must be emphasized that any margin trading platform must pay costs, and it is mainly transaction costs. Therefore, no cost or low cost may not be good. However, due to the different levels of risk management, the transaction costs of paying (upper market makers) banks are different, and the costs of operating management are different. It is normal for the commission (buying spread) to be higher or lower, and investors have gaps. It should be understood. However, if the cost is too high or too low, there are taboos, which may hide huge hidden dangers. The second is to choose an online foreign exchange trading platform with a more humane design. Simple operation is very important, dual-machine backup, telephone ordering, etc. are very important. In addition, the margin company must consider more for the customer's operation. The more humane design, the more investors like it. For example, in some trading platforms, the page design is simple and clear, which is convenient for investors to place orders.

  The platform clearly shows the daily overnight profit and loss of each currency pair. The order placing interface has market price, limit price, and stop-hedging; the interface can be kept for a long time, which is convenient for short-term operation; non-market orders do not occupy margin, which is convenient for maximizing the use of funds. The unique next order is convenient for customers to not follow the real-time operation; trading units can be flexibly selected, at least 0.1 units. Multiple orders can flexibly adjust the closing order. The limit order has no spread, which protects the interests of customers to the greatest extent. These designs are considered for the convenience of customers' transactions. Investors should pay attention to similar designs when choosing a margin platform; 3. The deposit and withdrawal channels of online foreign exchange trading platforms must be unblocked. Deposits may be more important than withdrawals, as margin trading may require demand to cover positions immediately. If the channel is not smooth and a remittance arrives in three days, the investor's position may have burst.
  Of course, withdrawing money is also fast, but security may be more important. Since the margin company does not meet with the customer, in most cases it is contacted through the Internet. In order to prevent insiders from "stealing" the client's funds, many margin companies require customers to sign the "withdrawal application" in person . Some investors may think this is cumbersome, and this is what is necessary to protect investors. It must be acknowledged that most of the margin companies now have the problem of deposits and withdrawals in underground passages, and there are very few deposit companies that can solve this problem. Therefore, investors are better to choose a deposit company that has regular deposit and withdrawal channels.

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