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How to choose a good foreign exchange trading platform?

Post Time:2020-01-13 17:57:02  By:BG

  At present, the transaction costs of various margin platforms are also very different, some are as high as 20 points, some are only three points, and some even declare no points in advertisements. It must be emphasized that any margin trading platform must pay costs, and it is mainly transaction costs. Therefore, no cost or low cost may not be good. There are indeed many advantages to foreign exchange margin trading, but how to choose a margin trading platform is more learned. Choosing a margin company or a margin platform is, of course, a safer choice of a state-owned bank. However, this security may only be psychological-although state-owned banks will not take customers' deposits away, most of them are not in line with the international market. Few people have studied the basic rules of margin trading, and they are accustomed to monopolization, stores Big bully, this may be the fundamental reason why many customers will stay away from them and even have to choose overseas financial institutions.

  What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing a foreign exchange trading platform?
  First, the supervision of margin trading platforms should be moderate, not just strict. Although the margin company has not taken the client's margin away so far, the risk of the bank's failure is not impossible or non-existent. In recent years, due to the low volatility of global financial markets and the low requirements for risk control capabilities of financial institutions, all foreign exchange trading platform margin companies can survive, even without losing money. However, in the event of large fluctuations in the Yidan market, especially in the case of sharp fluctuations, the ability to control the risk of the margin company and the level of supervision of the host country are severe challenges. Regarding this issue, the financial regulatory agencies of various countries have gradually realized that countries such as the United Kingdom and Japan have stipulated in 2006 that the registered capital of margin companies has increased from US $ 5 million to US $ 50 million. Financial supervision in Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries The department also stipulates that the margin company must either dock with the bank or sell 60% of the customer's transactions to the big banks, that is, the financial institutions of the next higher level-mainly banks-must be partially responsible for the operation of the margin company Risks; other countries require that for a single order with a deposit of more than US $ 1 million, the margin company must transfer the bank to receive the order (so if you buy or sell a lot of more than US $ 1 million on the margin platform at a time (about 1,000 or more), it will be very Slow, because the margin company must pay the bank for confirmation before transacting with the customer).
  Twenty-two, margin traders should be honest. It must be emphasized that there are indeed many ethical issues with margin companies. Some margin platforms think that we are registered overseas, and investors cannot sue them, so they often change the charging standards and overnight interest calculation methods, and even adjust the spread, and formulate the "overlord" treaty. For such margin companies, investors have complaints online and can be retrieved. Therefore, investors of primary margin companies must ask whether the fees and commissions and the calculation method of overnight interest will be arbitrarily changed, whether the trading spread is fixed, and whether it will be adjusted arbitrarily as the market changes.
  Let's check it online. Does the foreign exchange trading platform have a "concern" of "Bover king opening a shop", and is there any evil behavior of changing transaction fees at will!

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