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How is the price of gold

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  Many institutions are now more concerned with the economic data published by various countries every day, especially the economic data such as the leading indicators, synchronization indicators and lag indicators published by the United States. Because the United States is really a huge financial center, the initiation of each financial crisis has a great relationship with it. Leading indicators are statistics of economic indicators that have an impact on future economic development. They are adjustments to the price of gold. Synchronous indicators and lagging indicators can show the general trend of economic development, can know the specific content at this time, and determine or deny the overall economic development trend predicted by the leading indicators, and they can also see the depth of economic change, and use this Analyze the medium and long-term trend of exchange rate changes.
  Every major international political and war event will affect the price of silver, especially when the turbulent situation is particularly serious, the price of gold is like a jump from a building, which is horrible. The government pays for the war or to maintain the stability of the domestic economy. A large number of investors turn to gold to preserve their investment. These golds must serve the war, so they must be exploited from investors. These will expand the demand for gold and stimulate silver. Prices rose. For example, the World War II, the US-Vietnam War, the Thai coup in 1976, and the "Iran Gate" incident in 1986 all caused the silver price to rise to varying degrees. For example, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in the United States that year caused a surge in gold prices.

  "Gold and silver are naturally not money, money is naturally gold and silver." When the world is facing a crisis, gold and gold will be sought after by investors, probably because it is the best choice to push up the price of gold. At the same time, we also need to realize that although gold has a hedging nature, because of its relatively large industrial demand, the commodity attributes will also suppress the rise in gold prices during the economic crisis. At this time, there is a great injustice to consumers of commodities. Investors should conduct specific analysis based on special circumstances.
  Supply and demand is the basis of the market. The price of gold is closely related to the supply and demand of the international gold spot market. The spot gold market often has a strong seasonal supply and demand pattern. The spot consumption of gold in the first half of the year is relatively off-season. Troughs occurred around the quarter. Starting from the third quarter, driven by festivals and other factors, demand for gold consumption will gradually increase. By the Spring Festival each year, affected by the consumption of Asian countries, the demand for spot gold will gradually reach a peak, which will cause the silver price to rise.
  Precious metal trading is currently the most stable investment in the financial management industry. Precious metal is a highly profitable type with high risks. Therefore, friends who choose precious metals must also be knowledgeable before operating, and not blindly operate.

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