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How much does a London gold transaction cost?

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  Spot gold is a legally recognized gold transaction recognized by the state. If customers want to participate in gold investment, they must open an account through a relevant platform permitted by national law. The platform is not a free service and a certain amount of middle cost. After many people have a general understanding of London gold, they are ready to enter the trading market. If you only invest in a new account with London Gold, no commission is required, and all fees paid are in the specific operation process. However, the handling fee charged by each company is different, so Xiaotian Dabian reminds investors to pay attention to black platforms. So how much do you need to pay in the specific operation process?
  1.The exchange submits a deposit
  During the gold trading process in London, the margin system is used as a pocket. Investors need to pay a certain amount of security deposit before entering the market, and the amount of submission of the security deposit is closely related to the number of trading lots. During the transaction, one-handed transaction amount must submit a deposit of thousands of dollars. When the investor sells the market, all the paid amount will be automatically returned to the investor account. Its purpose is mainly as a deposit, to protect the safety of investors' funds, and to set a liquidation line. The bottom line of each platform is more or less different. When investors start to make losses in the investment, the net account value starts to decrease. When the ratio is eventually reduced to 20%, the bottom line will be reached and the transaction will be closed. .
  2. Exchange fees
  What fees need to be paid in the specific transaction process? Including spreads and holding costs. Spread fees are incurred by investors every time they trade, as long as they are traded. It should be noted that this is a unilateral fee and is only charged when investors buy London gold. The general platform charges 50 dollars per lot according to the standard, but due to the high cost, some platforms have launched small accounts. The average fee charged during the transaction is only about 15 US dollars, or even 10 US dollars, and investors increase capital utilization. On the other hand, the holding fee is only charged when the investor holds the position overnight, and the charge is not only related to the number of lots, but also to the interest rate of the closed position.
  Third, the cost of trading London gold
  Investors buy and sell a lot of London gold at dealers in many places. In addition to paying a normal amount of spot deposit, they will also generate a spread of 0.5 USD and a handling fee of 50 USD. In addition, if the investment requires holding positions overnight, overnight interest will be incurred, and when customers hold positions for weekends or holidays, the margin will be increased to 1500 USD / lot, so investors should ensure that the account balance is sufficient.
  50 tips for investing in London gold?
  The capable gold speculators have rich practical experience in knowing when to buy and when to sell, but most people have no obvious concept. Sometimes the price of gold has gone up a lot. If we do n’t know the reason, we will think whether there is a bubble or whether to sell. As a result, precious time is wasted and huge losses are suffered. Therefore, while possessing a wealth of theoretical knowledge, it is also important to learn some necessary skills.
  First, take advantage of the trend to make orders, and reasonable control of positions.
  The price of gold has a certain law. Whether it is rising or falling has its inherent attributes. Once formed, it is difficult to change in a short time. Therefore, unless the market trend has changed significantly, it must be respected! Selling gold when it goes up and buying it when it goes down are all acts that do not respect objective laws, and the consequences are often disastrous. Because the trend is invincible and cannot be stopped by any force! By following the trend, you can avoid losses and gain profits.
  Light warehouse operation
  Position control is the most basic and important part of the gold trading in London. Ancient warriors knew that they should be lightly loaded, let alone us.
  Third, mentality control
  Many investors, including professional practitioners, often suffer losses. There are also some customers who are out of business with a small profit, but continue to have huge losses. They are willing to lose money but not willing to make money. This has a lot to do with their mentality. Therefore, we must have a peace of mind, and for the attitude of traders to deal with losses and profit, mature investors should be loss-making or profit-making, and they can achieve the "Southwest, Northwestern Wind".
  Fourth, place an order with stop loss
  Stop loss is a self-protection mechanism when market conditions are less clear. It must be remembered that no matter what you do, capital preservation is the first priority and making money is the second priority. The risk is controlled, the principal is kept, and the profit is sooner or later.
  V. Objective analysis of the market
  In practice, most investors are always troubled by many rational and irrational emotions, and cannot be operated objectively. Objective analysis relies on clear rules. Regardless of how much the actual situation is exciting, we must treat it rationally and not emotionally.
  6. Be patient and seize the opportunity
  Successful traders take action only at the right time. Traders must be fully patient with things, otherwise success is difficult.
  The impact of the market economy nourishes the social impetuousness. Many people hope to become rich overnight from the investment market, thereby changing their own destiny, but the result is often cruel face, how many people step into the abyss, and the family is fragmented. Therefore, our mastery of these skills is more conducive to our advantage.

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