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What are the trading rules for London Gold?

Post Time:2020-01-10 17:31:06  By:BG

  The development of everything has its own rules, otherwise it will not proceed smoothly. As a novice, in the face of the complicated gold trading market, its risk is self-explanatory. What we have to do is to rationally analyze the market based on our full understanding of the market situation, and effectively avoid risks. Get economic benefits. In general, the rules are:
  ⒈Price unit.
  London gold is priced in U.S. dollars, and the unit of measure is English ounces. Generally speaking, the price of gold is based on the most popular authoritative price in the world, which is based on the price of gold in the London market. One ounce of gold equals 31.1035 grams. The daily price refers to the price of USD / ounce of gold on that day. For example: the number on the market is 700 /, which is 700 US dollars per ounce of gold, and the number on the market is 800 /, which is 800 US dollars.
  2.Transaction volume
  As far as trading volume is concerned, the minimum trading volume of London Gold is one lot / zhang / order. One hand is equal to 100 ounces. Approximately 3.1035 kg of gold.
  ⒊ Margin trading
  The significance of the security deposit is that it can provide high risk protection in the event of danger. Therefore, investors only need to pay a small amount of margin to carry out large transactions. In general, the amount of capital amplification is about 100 times.
  ⒋Same day trading

  Investors can trade on the same day they apply to open an account, and they can trade multiple times, provided that you are optimistic and confident about the future, not blindly. Otherwise, it is likely to be a loss. ⒌Can trade in both directions. In the process of buying and selling, investors can either buy when they are rising or sell when they are falling. All operations are based on their own interests, and they can even sell without buying. Selling, buying without selling, the transaction is two-way. Therefore, no matter what trend the gold price shows, investors can always get some economic benefits from it.
  ⒍ Instant trading

  Because foreign exchange market transactions are carried out throughout the day, as long as the price is in the market, investors can complete trading operations at any time. There is no question of whether anyone will take orders. Don't worry about buying or selling. Trading is extremely convenient.
  ⒎For gold trading

  you can set your own security line, that is, you can set your own stop loss point and take profit point when you submit the order. Therefore, in actual operation, the risk of gold trading can be reduced to a very small extent. It can even be said that the decline in the currency stock market is small, thereby effectively avoiding risks. At the same time, there is no daily limit for gold trading, so the daily rate of increase in gold trading can be greater than one-tenth, and it is not uncommon for the daily rate of increase to reach 100%.

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