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Forex investors must understand trading strategies

Post Time:2020-01-08 17:02:11  By:BG

  In the foreign exchange market, in addition to accurate market research and judgment and good capital control, the most important thing is to formulate a good operating strategy. Lack of a perfect operation strategy, even if the market analysis is 100% correct, it may leave the market with a loss. Even if the market is not accurate, it can gain a lot in the market. Then follow these editors to explore these trading strategies.

  01 The trading plan is clear
  Although the plan can't keep up with the changes, there is a saying saying: "If you don't plan well, you don't plan well." Any successful trader will tell you that if you do not follow the plan systematically, you are bound to fail. It can be seen how important it is for foreign exchange investors to plan well before trading.
  02 Risk control is important
  When you feel that you have not grasped the market trends well, or the market has given a sense of crisis, you must withdraw as soon as possible. Risk control is the most important thing in trading. If a losing position makes you feel bad, it's simple: Hurry out, because you will always have a chance to enter the market again.
  03 not need to trade every day
  Many foreign exchange investors have such confusion. How can I make a profit without trading? However, no one can guarantee that they can make a profit every day. Moreover, frequent transactions will only increase the risk.
  04 Stop loss is important
  Forex investors often leave stop losses behind because they cannot resist the temptation of high yields. In fact, blindly pursuing profit and blindly adding more to it, the results are basically more and more lost. Instead of trying to gain the benefits in their hands, it is better to keep their pockets.
  05 Money management needs to be focused
  Allocate and manage your funds, and don't invest in a certain transaction, otherwise, if the transaction results in a loss, you will have nothing.
  06 Allow yourself to make mistakes
  You have to be willing to make mistakes from time to time; there is nothing wrong with making this mistake. , Try to make the best judgment, if you are wrong, then make the best judgment, if you are wrong again, then make the best judgment for the third time, you can double your funds.
  07 Follow the trading strategy
  The idea of ??successful trading by fantasy and intuition sounds good, but for most traders, the facts are quite different. Develop a trading strategy, test it thoroughly and make adjustments, then repeat the steps above. "According to personal personality, a trader can use one strategy in a transaction or combine multiple strategies. No 'one' strategy is better than the other."
  08 to record details
  Smart traders are also careful recorders. If a transaction is successful, they want to know exactly how it succeeded and why it was successful. More importantly, they also want to know the same details for failed transactions to avoid unnecessary repeated failures. Record details such as market entry and exit for each trade, target, resistance and support levels, time, markets opened and closed during the day, and the daily open range. Document why you made a transaction and any lessons you learned from it. "Also analyze the successful deal to see if it goes according to plan or if you are just lucky."
  Did you learn something from the above studies? Good trading strategies allow you to approach the peak of wealth faster and better, but you still need to take every step carefully in order to move steadily in the foreign exchange market.

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