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How to avoid short position in gold futures

Post Time:2020-01-07 10:35:10  By:BG

  How to avoid short position in gold futures
  Nowadays, more and more gold investors begin to appear. How to invest is also the focus of many people. Next, I'd like to give you a brief introduction to some knowledge of gold futures, and how to avoid short positions when investing in gold futures.
  Gold futures exposure refers to the situation when the client's equity in the margin account of investors is negative under some special circumstances. When the market situation changes greatly, if most of the funds in the margin account of the investors are occupied by the trading margin, and the trading direction is opposite to the market trend, because of the leverage effect of margin trading, the gold futures will be easily exposed.

  If the final result of the loss is the collapse of gold futures, and there are reasons for investors, then investors need to make up for these losses, or they will be prosecuted by law. A lot of time, it is related to improper fund management. If we control the position, manage the funds reasonably, and avoid the full position operation, we can avoid this situation.
  So how to avoid gold futures burst?
  First of all, we should control the position reasonably. If you control your position reasonably, you will have a chance to make steady profits. Otherwise, even if you make some profits, you will lose in the end. Generally, 5% to 15% of the capital is put into the market. If your account capital is only 10000 US dollars, it is not recommended to buy more than one standard hand for the first time, that is, 100 ounces, no matter how much or how empty.
  When the market is good, the entry list has a profit, which can be made by 0.5 hand one plus one, and the position cannot exceed two standard hands. If you lose money, you must not go against the trend, unless you have strong funds.
  Second, stop loss should be set before reentering. Generally, it is suitable for two to seven dollars, either under the support point or above the resistance point. Give you an example to explain why stop loss should be set. A client of the company opened an account for 5000 US dollars, and did a good job in the next two months, but never set a stop loss. In this way, a lot of stop loss orders turned into profit-making situations, and the money earned at one time doubled compared with the original. Later, in a wave of market, he did not set stop loss for empty orders, and then lost 10000 dollars, and his account was cleared. There's a chance your account will die without a stop loss.
  Third, we should control our mentality. There are some customers like this: one to two dollars to make a close out, when the loss of more than 20 dollars will stay. A successful operator may not have a 50% accuracy rate, but this profit opportunity will bring back the loss and bring a wave of profits.
  Finally, make a trend list. The market has its own set of operation rules, which cannot develop with our mind.

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