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How to open accounts and trade gold futures

Post Time:2020-01-07 10:08:48  By:BG

  Do you know what gold futures are? It refers to a futures contract in which the gold price at a certain time point in the future in the international gold market is used as the trading standard. The profit and loss of investors when buying and selling gold futures is based on the price difference between the two times of entering and leaving the market. After the expiration of the contract, the delivery of the physical object is made. There is a problem that many people are concerned about, that is, how to open accounts and trade gold futures?

  First of all, how does gold futures open accounts? This requires you to carefully select a gold futures trading company, which is similar to a securities company, providing a platform and place for traders, and selecting companies with high personnel qualifications and standardized services.
  After confirming the company, the customer shall take his / her own ID card and bank card, go to the trading hall of the company to handle the futures contract and necessary procedures, and finally handle the bank term transfer business with the bank card. Before this step, the customer shall consult whether he / she can handle the business.
  Then, how can gold futures be traded? Download the futures market software and commission trading software on the website of the company where the account is opened. Many companies use similar market software, so technical analysis is similar to stock trading. Learn to use software before trading, and choose the main force of each futures variety to trade. Among the contracts listed in a certain variety, the contracts with the largest positions and trading volume are the main contracts.
  There is also a trading focus on the commission system. First, learn to use the software, and master the common operations, such as order, transaction, commission, position, capital and other operations.
  Next, I will tell you some tips for trading stop loss.
  First, the daily volatility of gold price is relatively low, and the average daily volatility in the past decade is 1.58%. According to the characteristics of these historical fluctuations, we can set a stop win or stop loss near the upper limit of daily fluctuation range.
  Second, the fluctuation direction and range of food prices at home and abroad in the market are very close, and there are few opportunities for cross market arbitrage. Therefore, it is better to appropriately reduce the stop loss ratio during consolidation, and the unilateral market can be appropriately enlarged.
  Third, we need to know that the most active period of the international trading market is usually the evening of Beijing time. In the face of possible emergencies, if investors hold positions overnight, they should combine planned stop loss and sudden stop loss when setting stop loss. It should also be noted that after stop loss, investors should not rush into the market in order to earn back the loss as soon as possible. If you do this, it will lead to a greater loss in the most cases. This is not worth the loss, we must pay attention to this point.

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