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How to make gold futures for beginners

Post Time:2020-01-07 10:07:25  By:BG

  How much do you know about gold futures? Most people think it's a little strange. Today's article will explain gold futures to you, help you novices learn more about gold futures, let novices know how to do gold futures, let's learn about it. First of all, what is gold futures? Gold futures, as the name implies, is one of many types of futures investment. Just like if we want to invest in stocks, we need to go to securities companies first to open accounts and make preparations for the realization, gold futures also need to make preparations. We need to go to a futures company to open accounts for futures before trading in gold futures.

  Although there are many gold futures markets in the world, one thing we should know is that the content of most gold futures markets is similar, basically the same, so what is the content of the gold futures market? It has the following contents: margin, delivery month, contract unit, futures delivery, minimum fluctuation limit, daily trading volume, commission, and commission order. After the above basic information is clear, let's see how novices do gold futures. General novice will have a variety of questions, such as whether the threshold for investment in gold futures is high? What is the cost of the investment? Next, I would like to share with you some relevant experiences on the above issues.
  First, the first thing a novice should do is to choose a suitable futures company. For the choice of this company, you need to make sure that the company you choose is legal. In addition, as a gold futures investor, you need to pay attention to the business reputation of this futures brokerage company, and whether you can ensure the capital security of its customers. What you need to keep is whether the hardware and software facilities of the futures brokerage company are good enough, at least in line with the standard Accurate.
  Second, before you invest in gold futures, there should be a simulated trading link. The reason for this is that the gold futures trading system is margin system, which is more risky than other investment varieties. In addition, investors need to have some relevant professional knowledge.
  Third, it's about opening accounts and trading. What is the account opening? It is a trading account specially opened by a futures brokerage company to complete futures trading. When opening an account, you must use your real identity to open an account. The next transaction requires the cooperation of investors and futures brokerage companies to complete the relevant procedures, and then deposit the margin into the capital account for the transaction.
  The last question is about costs. Gold futures trade is one kilogram in one hand. According to the current price, if it is 234 yuan, then the price of the first hand is 240000 yuan. Then the margin is calculated by 10 percentage points, which needs 2400300 yuan.

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