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Bull Global Trading(BG)

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  After the financial crisis in 2008, Bull Global Trading was formally established to develop high-quality financial services projects. Bull Global Trading is registered in Hong Kong and serves global users with a wide range of users and large user group data; the website is used to professionally provide up to 40 kinds of trading products such as foreign exchange, crude oil, precious metals, stock indexes, etc. With the advantages of zero commission and low spread, in addition to ensuring the safety of our funds, it also provides strict international supervision.

  Stellar International, overseen by the Futures Association, will continue to adhere to the "rigorous, innovative, and cooperative" philosophy, relying on financial technology that advances with the times, and strive to create a more efficient, more humane, and more transparent new-generation trading platform for global users .
  The products and services provided by Bull Global Trading are:
  A strict compliance supervision
  Stellar International, a dealer recognized by the National Futures Association of the United States, has been implementing strict management practices. Members will strictly abide by federal laws and the rules established by the CFTC to implement a management code of conduct for traders and investors.
  National Futures Association (NFA) compliance supervision
  Second, fund segregation and depository: convenient deposit and withdrawal, effective fund segregation
  It will be strictly managed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In order to avoid being used for hedging other businesses, funds will be deposited in independent banks for effective management.
  Convenient deposit and withdrawal options, real-time deposit, fast withdrawal
  Internationally recognized banks, legal compliance management
  SSL technology to strengthen encrypted data transmission
  Three global market quotations: open and transparent, transactions can be checked in real time
  Bull Global Trading is in line with the international market. The data will be true and transparent. You can see the transaction status of each order to ensure the transparency of the open price and the accuracy of the transaction.
  Follow the market's true and reliable transaction prices
  Ensure real-time quotes are real and transparent
  Assets and transaction data are transparent and queryable
  Can be traded in four ups and downs: two-way trading, long and short can be profitable
  The varieties that can meet the two situations of the uptrend and downtrend can realize two-way trading, making it possible to operate regardless of the uptrend or downtrend. The user can enter the market by looking at the direction, and at this time, the gain in this price range can be obtained.
  Available in both bull and bear markets
  No need to hold coins, really short selling
  Make full use of fluctuations to earn interval income
  Five Reasonable Leverage Transactions: Margin Trading to Improve Fund Utilization
  Under the conditions of reasonable fund management, select appropriate leverage to increase tradable assets and provide preferential activities to allow investors to enjoy high investment returns, leverage small funds to leverage greater multiples of returns, and maximize the use of funds.
  No negative balance guarantee, strictly control your transaction risk
  Reasonable leverage matching, so that your funds can effectively exert the maximum value
  Funding preference, leverage up to 500 times

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