ASIC and NFARegulated by ASIC and NFA


1.     Internet failure

Since BG does not have the ability to control signal data, the stability of signal data transmission over the Internet depends on the reliability of the structure or connection of the client device and internet service provider. BG is not responsible for the distortion or delay of communication failures occurring in transactions on the Internet.

2.     Market risk and online trading

Forex product trading involves considerable risk and is not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the customer agreement for a detailed description of the risks. Regardless of how convenient or efficient online trading is, this does not reduce the risk of forex trading.

3.     Password protection

The Client understands and confirms that the Client's trading password must be kept strictly confidential and that the Customer is the sole authorized user of the Trading Password. At the same time, the Client agrees to assume full responsibility for any trading instructions issue to BG using its trading password (whether authorized by the Client and approved by BG). Traders are not liable for losses caused by the execution of trading orders by customers. If the customer reveals the transaction password to a third party, regardless of whether the password is intentional, unintentional or erroneous, the customer must be responsible for all transactions, losses and expenses. BG does not need to responsible for the losses, expenses and expenses incurred on performing any transaction after verification of the password.

4.     Quote error

When certain quotations or transaction prices are in error, BG will not be liable for account balance errors caused by this error. These errors include, but are not limited to, a trader's wrong quote, a non-international market price quote, or any quote error (e.g. hardware, software or network issues, or incorrect data provided by a third party). BG is not responsible for the account balance caused by the error. When placing an order, allow enough time for the system to execute the order and calculate the required margin. If the execution price of the order or the order setting is too close to the market price, it may trigger other orders (regardless of the order type) or issue a margin reminder. BG will not be liable for margin calls, account balances or account positions resulting from insufficient time for the system to execute an order or perform an operation. The above shall not be deemed to be the entire content. BG reserves the right to make any corrections or adjustments in the event of a quotation or execution error. Any dispute between the quotation and the transaction error can only be resolved by BG at its sole discretion. In the event that BG has any loss, damage or liability, Customer agrees to indemnify BG from damage.

5.     Arbitrage

Errors in the Internet's online delays and quotations sometimes cause quotations displayed on the BG trading platform cannot accurately reflect real-time market prices. "Arbitrage", or the use of spreads for profit due to network delays, cannot exist in the OTC over-the-counter market. BG does not allow customers to perform such arbitrage on the company's trading platform. Transactions that rely on arbitrage opportunities due to price lags may be revoked. BG reserves the right to make necessary modifications and adjustments to the accounts involved in the above transactions. BG may, at its sole discretion, require traders to intervene or verify all orders and terminate the accounts of the relevant customers. BG is fully capable of resolving disputes arising from the arbitrage or manipulation of prices. BG freezes the customer's right to withdraw funds until the above issues can be resolved. Any action or resolution stated herein does not relieve or impair BG's rights or remedies against the customer and its employees.

6.     Price, order execution and platform control

BG prohibits any account from operating on its price and in any manner (including but not limited to third party transactions that are not approved by BG). If BG suspects that any account is in control, BG reserves the right to investigate and review the account and deduct the profit earned from the activity from the suspected account. BG reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant account. For accounts suspected of manipulation, BG may, at its sole discretion, require the trader to intervene, approve the order, or terminate the account of the customer. Any dispute arising from the arbitrage and or manipulation is completely resolved by BG. BG may, at its discretion, report the incident to any relevant regulatory or law enforcement agency and will not notify the relevant customer of the incident report. Any action or resolution stated herein does not relieve or impair BG's rights or remedies for the Client and its employees, all of which are expressly reserved.

7.     Bankruptcy disclosure

The transaction between the customer and BG is not carried out on the exchange. Once BG goes bankrupt, the customer may recover the funds from the BG about the funds deposited or earned in the transaction and may not receive priority repayment. Without priority repayment, the customer is an unsecured creditor and will be compensated with other creditors after paying those priority claims.

8.     BG provides general financial product advice and is only responsible for executing forex, differential contract and precious metal contract trading services. In the event that BG provides general financial product advice to the Client, the Client shall confirm that the recommendation is for general use only and does not take into account the Client's personal objectives, circumstances or needs. Customers must consider their own goals, circumstances or needs before deciding to use BG's services. BG services should not be used if the customer does not fully understand the risks associated with BG's services.

9.     Beyond our ability to control

9.1 If BG is unable to perform its obligations under this Agreement or the contract due to factors beyond its ability to control or force majeure events, BG will notify the Client as soon as reasonably practicable and will use reasonable efforts to ensure that it is returned due to BG. Any payment made by the Client to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

9.2 Market interference

9.2.1 BG may, at any time, notify the Client ("Interference Notice") if it is considered that the market conditions of the relevant financial markets in the relevant currency are seriously disrupted.

9.2.2 The relevant circumstances include that BG believes that in the daily business process of BG, the position of the relevant currency cannot be obtained in the relevant financial market, or the position of the above position is changed due to domestic or international financial, political or economic conditions or foreign exchange control. It is not feasible.

9.2.3 Upon the issuance of the Interference Notice, BG's liability will be temporarily suspended and BG will negotiate other arrangements with the Client. If the parties reach an agreement before the pricing date, such other arrangements will take effect. If the parties fail to reach an agreement within the period, the respective responsibilities of the parties in accordance with the relevant transaction will be released.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1 BG will make every reasonable effort to execute the contract or make payments to the Client at the time specified by the Client's instructions. However, under no circumstances will BG be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages (including loss of any profit) resulting from delays in the transfer of funds to the Client's designated account.

10.2 Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit or waive any liability that BG may be liable to Customer for any legal rights it may have.