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BG Client Agreement

Customer Declaration and Warranty:

1. I certify that I am not a Hong Kong resident and/or a US citizen when I visit the website of BG and open an account.

2. BG website has not proposed or made any solicitation or promotion to any leveraged forex, precious metals, differential contracts and other margin trading products (hereinafter referred to as “forex products” and related services.

This agreement is legally binding and should be reviewed carefully. This legal contract is entered into by BG, its successor or assignor, in conjunction with the contracting party of this contract (the “Customer”).


Bull Global Trading ("BG") is a company registered under the law of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number 25573 BC 2019 and the registered office is First Floor, First St., Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, PO Box 1574, Kingstown, VC0100, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. The company is authorized as an international commercial company under the International Business Corporation (Amendment and Merger) Act 149 of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amendment Act of 2009.


Trading in leveraged forex products involves potential benefits and losses and does not guarantee absolute profit or loss. If the trade is unfavorable, the loss may exceed the amount originally invested. Fluctuations in the price of a trade are affected by a variety of global factors. Most of these factors are difficult to predict, and sharp price fluctuations may result in investors not being able to settle the loss of trading. Although BG staff keep paying attention to market conditions, they cannot guarantee any accuracy of prediction, nor can they guarantee that any loss will not exceed a certain amount.

Please read the entire agreement carefully before signing this agreement. Note: The legal effect of this agreement is the same as the legal effect of signing the agreement in person through the online account holder's representative. BG will promptly upload the latest revised agreement content, and customers need to check it by themselves to protect the right to know.

Risk disclosure statement

This brief statement does not disclose all risks and other important aspects of forex products. Given the risks involved, customers should be aware of the nature of the transaction and the level of risk it will face before participating in the transaction. Forex product trading is not suitable for the general public. The client must carefully consider whether the transaction is suitable based on the client's investment experience, purpose, financial resources and risk tolerance. Customers should consult legal and other professional advice before opening an account and starting a transaction.

1.Risk of margin trading

Forex product trading is accompanied by high risks. Relative to the price of forex products, the initial margin amount may be smaller, so that the transaction will be leveraged. Even small changes in the market can have a relatively large impact on the funds that customers have or will deposit: it may be beneficial to the customer and may be disadvantageous. Customers may need to bear the initial deposit and any additional funds that the customer deposits into the company in order to keep the position unresolved. If the market changes are unfavorable to the customer or result in a decline in the margin level, the customer may not be able to maintain the position in time to maintain the position and be liquidated in the event of a loss, the customer will be responsible for the resulting losses.

2.Instructions or strategies to reduce risk

Orders that are intended to limit losses/profit to a specific amount (such as a “stop loss” order, or a “stop profit” order) may not be implemented. If the order is a limit order, there is no way to guarantee that the order will be executed at the limit price or will be executed. Some strategies for combining physical positions, such as spreads or the same price, may have the same risks as simply “long positions” or “short positions”.

Additional risk of other transactions

3.Trading facilities

Most electronic trading facilities use a computer-based system for the delivery, execution, matching, registration, and transaction clearing of trading orders. Like all facilities and systems, they are susceptible to temporary failures. The ability of a customer to recover certain losses may be limited to: limited liability set by the system provider, market, clearing house, and/or company. These limited responsibilities may vary.

4.Electronic trading

Different from the operation of open outcry trading, electronic trading will give customers the opportunity to encounter problems caused by computer hardware, software and Internet transmission errors, resulting in the customer's instructions being unexecuted or not executed at all. It is important to understand the risks and not to pass on third-party risks to BG.

5.Over-the-counter trading

In some jurisdictions, and only if limited, companies may be allowed to conduct off-exchange transactions. These transactions may increase the client's investment risk because the company may be the client's counterparty. Over-the-counter trading is generally less regulated or regulated by an independent regulatory body. Therefore, when making a transaction, the client must have a detailed understanding of the trading rules and the risks that may arise.

6.Transactions in other jurisdictions

Transactions in other jurisdictional markets, including those that are formally connected to the local market, may expose customers to other risks. Under the rules of those markets, investors may be protected differently or even reduce the protection of investors. Customers should ask for any rules related to customer transactions before the market opens. The client’s local regulatory authority will not be able to enforce the regulations of the regulatory authorities or markets in other jurisdictions where the client’s transactions are located. Clients should determine and understand the compensation available to their location and other jurisdictions prior to the transaction.

7.Commissions and other fees

Before the customer starts trading, the client should be aware of all commissions, fees and other fees payable. These charges will affect the customer's net profit (if any) or increase the customer's loss.

8.Suspend or limit the relationship between transactions and pricing

Market conditions (such as liquidity) and/or operating regulations in certain markets (such as suspension of trading of any forex products due to price restrictions or suspensions) may increase the risk of loss, as the completion of the transaction or the liquidation and hedging position. It becomes very difficult or impossible. Moreover, the normal price relationship between related assets and forex products may no longer exist, and the reference price of related assets is lacking, making "fair" prices difficult to judge.

9.Stored cash and belongings

Clients must be familiar with the various safeguards relating to “money and property deposited for local or foreign transactions, especially when the company is insolvent or bankrupt. The extent to which customers can recover cash and property is subject to specific legislation or local rules. In some jurisdictions, when the debt is cleared, the property that is specifically marked as a customer will be distributed proportionally with the cash.

10.     Risk of force majeure

Notice to customer: If the trading activity is disrupted by force majeure, the customer's order may not be executed under conditions that are less than normal. Force majeure situations include but are not limited to the following:

1.The source of the quotation is temporarily closed, damaged or closed by other people and circumstances;

2.In the corresponding trading market, the price of forex products has abnormally changed or lost liquidity;

3.The publication of macroeconomic data reports, or other political and economic information, has a significant impact on the price of forex products;

4.BG does not assume any responsibility for the failure of the electronic trading system to function properly due to hardware and software damage;

5.The Internet connection failed due to a mistake of the network provider;

6.Decisions and orders of the national administration;

7. The paradox of telecommunications systems.

Customer notice

Regarding the opening of an account at BG to engage in forex product investments in contracted units in the form of deposits through the over-the-counter market (hereinafter referred to as "OTC"), physical delivery is not involved. The Client acknowledges that the following factors regarding leveraged OTC transactions are known and the Risk Disclosure Statement provided to the Client.

1.OTC transactions are only suitable for professional institutions or people with investment experience, and their financial resources can withstand losses that may exceed the amount of margin or deposits without disturbing their normal lives.

2.OTC's business does not trade in an organized market, so there is no need to open outcry. Although many computer-based systems offer quotes and actual prices, both may differ due to the lack of liquidity in the market. Many electronic trading facilities are computer-based systems that support ordering, execution, and matching. The Client acknowledges that any information provided by the Electronic Trading Service System is provided by the Data Source (Third Party) on an “as is” or “as available” basis and that the Client is responsible for the risks involved in relying on the information. . BG does not confirm, warrant or guarantee the timeliness, sequence, accuracy, adequacy, continuity or completeness of such information. At the same time, BG makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to such information (including but not limited to the commercial nature of such information or its suitability for a particular purpose).

3.In the OTC market, the company not only conducts off-exchange transactions on the exchange. Company that trade for clients may also be opponents of customer transactions. In this case, it may be difficult or impossible to close the position, assess the value, determine the fair value or assess the risk. For these reasons, such transactions may involve greater risks. Over-the-counter trading may be subject to less regulation or be regulated by different regulatory systems. Before starting a transaction, the client should be aware of the applicable regulations and accompanying risks.

4.No one can guarantee the credit worthiness of the client's counterparty. BG will endeavor to trade only with reputable institutions and clearing houses. In addition, there may be a situation where the decrease in trading liquidity causes the trading of forex products to stop, thereby hindering the liquidation of unfavorable positions, which may result in considerable financial losses. BG will not be liable for any such loss.

5.The client confirms that the purchase or sell of forex products includes delivery, and each transaction is credited to the trading account opened by the customer in the company.

6.BG's margin policy, as well as the institution/clearing house policies that execute the transaction, may require additional funds from the client to maintain its margin account and the client is obligated to meet such margin requirements. Failure to do so may result in the liquidation of the position and the corresponding loss. BG reserves the right to refuse to accept orders or to provide market hedging.

7.Transactions in an electronic trading system may differ from transactions in the interbank market or from transactions in other companies' electronic systems. If a customer engages in a transaction on an electronic platform, the customer will be exposed to risks associated with the system, including hardware and software failures. A system failure may result in the customer's order being difficult to follow the customer's instructions or not at all. The customer is responsible for all losses incurred as a result.

8.If the client submits the management or trading rights of his account to a third party (hereinafter referred to as the “introducer”), BG will not be responsible or responsible for the choices made by the client, whether based on autonomy or non-autonomous rights or make any recommendations for this. BG makes no representations or warranties regarding the introducer of the transaction; BG is not liable for any loss to the Client as a result of the introducer's actions; BG does not make any indirect or direct support or approval of the transaction introducer's operation. If the customer authorizes the introducer to manage their account, the customer is solely responsible for the risks. In the event that the Client does not have the consent of the Company to authorize the transaction or the management of the account to the Introducer, BG reserves the right to cancel all or part of the relevant transaction in the relevant account without prior notice to the Client.

9.The Client shall fully comply with the relevant local laws, including any other formalities to be complied with in such areas or jurisdictions, and obtain government or other consent, as well as any relevant local taxes due to transactions using the platform and pay for customs duties and other amounts. By trading on this platform, the Client will be deemed to have stated and warranted to BG that it has complied with local laws and regulations. If you have questions about the situation, please check with a professional consultant.

10.All customers must be aware that any “return” is not guaranteed. In addition, BG shall not be liable for any claims or warranties made by BG to its employees and/or affiliates unless there is a written record consistent with the records of the company.


1.     Internet failure

Since BG does not have the ability to control signal data, the stability of signal data transmission over the Internet depends on the reliability of the structure or connection of the client device and internet service provider. BG is not responsible for the distortion or delay of communication failures occurring in transactions on the Internet.

2.     Market risk and online trading

Forex product trading involves considerable risk and is not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the customer agreement for a detailed description of the risks. Regardless of how convenient or efficient online trading is, this does not reduce the risk of forex trading.

3.     Password protection

The Client understands and confirms that the Client's trading password must be kept strictly confidential and that the Customer is the sole authorized user of the Trading Password. At the same time, the Client agrees to assume full responsibility for any trading instructions issue to BG using its trading password (whether authorized by the Client and approved by BG). Traders are not liable for losses caused by the execution of trading orders by customers. If the customer reveals the transaction password to a third party, regardless of whether the password is intentional, unintentional or erroneous, the customer must be responsible for all transactions, losses and expenses. BG does not need to responsible for the losses, expenses and expenses incurred on performing any transaction after verification of the password.

4.     Quote error

When certain quotations or transaction prices are in error, BG will not be liable for account balance errors caused by this error. These errors include, but are not limited to, a trader's wrong quote, a non-international market price quote, or any quote error (e.g. hardware, software or network issues, or incorrect data provided by a third party). BG is not responsible for the account balance caused by the error. When placing an order, allow enough time for the system to execute the order and calculate the required margin. If the execution price of the order or the order setting is too close to the market price, it may trigger other orders (regardless of the order type) or issue a margin reminder. BG will not be liable for margin calls, account balances or account positions resulting from insufficient time for the system to execute an order or perform an operation. The above shall not be deemed to be the entire content. BG reserves the right to make any corrections or adjustments in the event of a quotation or execution error. Any dispute between the quotation and the transaction error can only be resolved by BG at its sole discretion. In the event that BG has any loss, damage or liability, Customer agrees to indemnify BG from damage.

5.     Arbitrage

Errors in the Internet's online delays and quotations sometimes cause quotations displayed on the BG trading platform cannot accurately reflect real-time market prices. "Arbitrage", or the use of spreads for profit due to network delays, cannot exist in the OTC over-the-counter market. BG does not allow customers to perform such arbitrage on the company's trading platform. Transactions that rely on arbitrage opportunities due to price lags may be revoked. BG reserves the right to make necessary modifications and adjustments to the accounts involved in the above transactions. BG may, at its sole discretion, require traders to intervene or verify all orders and terminate the accounts of the relevant customers. BG is fully capable of resolving disputes arising from the arbitrage or manipulation of prices. BG freezes the customer's right to withdraw funds until the above issues can be resolved. Any action or resolution stated herein does not relieve or impair BG's rights or remedies against the customer and its employees.

6.     Price, order execution and platform control

BG prohibits any account from operating on its price and in any manner (including but not limited to third party transactions that are not approved by BG). If BG suspects that any account is in control, BG reserves the right to investigate and review the account and deduct the profit earned from the activity from the suspected account. BG reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant account. For accounts suspected of manipulation, BG may, at its sole discretion, require the trader to intervene, approve the order, or terminate the account of the customer. Any dispute arising from the arbitrage and or manipulation is completely resolved by BG. BG may, at its discretion, report the incident to any relevant regulatory or law enforcement agency and will not notify the relevant customer of the incident report. Any action or resolution stated herein does not relieve or impair BG's rights or remedies for the Client and its employees, all of which are expressly reserved.

7.     Bankruptcy disclosure

The transaction between the customer and BG is not carried out on the exchange. Once BG goes bankrupt, the customer may recover the funds from the BG about the funds deposited or earned in the transaction and may not receive priority repayment. Without priority repayment, the customer is an unsecured creditor and will be compensated with other creditors after paying those priority claims.

8.BG provides general financial product advice and is only responsible for executing forex, differential contract and precious metal contract trading services. In the event that BG provides general financial product advice to the Client, the Client shall confirm that the recommendation is for general use only and does not take into account the Client's personal objectives, circumstances or needs. Customers must consider their own goals, circumstances or needs before deciding to use BG's services. BG services should not be used if the customer does not fully understand the risks associated with BG's services.

9.     Beyond our ability to control

9.1 If BG is unable to perform its obligations under this Agreement or the contract due to factors beyond its ability to control or force majeure events, BG will notify the Client as soon as reasonably practicable and will use reasonable efforts to ensure that it is returned due to BG. Any payment made by the Client to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

9.2 Market interference

9.2.1 BG may, at any time, notify the Client ("Interference Notice") if it is considered that the market conditions of the relevant financial markets in the relevant currency are seriously disrupted.

9.2.2 The relevant circumstances include that BG believes that in the daily business process of BG, the position of the relevant currency cannot be obtained in the relevant financial market, or the position of the above position is changed due to domestic or international financial, political or economic conditions or forex control. It is not feasible.

9.2.3 Upon the issuance of the Interference Notice, BG's liability will be temporarily suspended and BG will negotiate other arrangements with the Client. If the parties reach an agreement before the pricing date, such other arrangements will take effect. If the parties fail to reach an agreement within the period, the respective responsibilities of the parties in accordance with the relevant transaction will be released.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1 BG will make every reasonable effort to execute the contract or make payments to the Client at the time specified by the Client's instructions. However, under no circumstances will BG be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages (including loss of any profit) resulting from delays in the transfer of funds to the Client's designated account.

10.2 Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit or waive any liability that BG may be liable to Customer for any legal rights it may have.

Introducer disclosure

BG does not supervise the activities of the introducer and is not responsible for any statements made by the introducer. BG and introducers are completely independent of each other. The direct agreement between BG and the Introducer does not establish a joint venture or partnership relationship. The introducer is not an agent or employee of BG.

1.     The Client understands and agrees that if the Client's account in BG is referred by the Introducer, the Introducer may obtain the Client's personal data and other data regarding the Client's trading activities on the BG Account. The Client understands and agrees that if the Client's account in BG is referred by the Introducer, the Introducer may not engage in the transaction with the Client's BG account. Unless the customer authorizes the agent to conduct the transaction on behalf of the client through a written agreement.

2.     Because of the high risk factors for forex product trading, only genuine “risk” funds can be used for such transactions. If the customer does not have idle funds available for loss, the customer should not trade on the forex product market.

3.     The Client understands the Introducer or a number of third party trading systems, courses, procedures, research or recommendations that may not be regulated by government agencies.

4.     If the Client has previously been informed or believes in the use of any third party trading system, the course/procedures or research or advice provided by the Introducer or other third party will result in a profitable transaction, where the Client acknowledges, agrees and understands all forex product transactions, including transactions through any third party trading system/procedures or research or advice provided by the referrer or other third party, involve significant risk of loss. In addition, the Client hereby acknowledges, agrees and understands all forex product transactions, including transactions through any third party trading system, course/procedures, or research or advice provided by the Introducer or other third party to make a profit, it is not always possible to avoid risks or limit risks.

5.     If the Introducer or any other third party provides information or advice to the Client regarding the trading of forex products, BG shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by Customer's use of such information or advice.

6.     The Client acknowledges that BG and any person associated with it will not make any promises regarding the future profit or loss of the Client's account. Customers understand that forex trading is a big risk.

7.     BG will provide risk disclosure information when new accounts opened. Customers must read this information carefully and must not rely on any contrary intentional information from other sources. Clients trading on this platform will be deemed to have read and understood BG's risk statement.

8.     BG has no control over the information or advice that the Client has or will receive from the Introducer or any other non-BG employee, nor does it support or warrant its accuracy or completeness in the trading of forex products.

9.     BG does not endorse or guarantee the services provided by the Introducer. Since the introducer is not a BG employee or agent, it is the customer's responsibility to verify and rigorously evaluate the introducer before enjoying the service.

10.     The Client represents and warrants that it is not a US citizen/resident (as a tax or other purpose) and is not otherwise associated with the United States for any purpose, nor is it acting as an agent representing any US citizen, resident, entity Acting as a person. In the event of any change in the above statements and warranties, the Client undertakes to notify the Company in writing of the change immediately.

Customer agreement

BG agrees that the Client opens and holds a trading account and may provide the Client with the purchase or sale of OTC (as defined in the Customer Notice above) through the Customer's BG Account.

1.     Terms and title

The term "BG" includes BG, its divisions, heirs and assignors. The term "customer/client" means the party (or parties) that entered into this Agreement. The term "Agreement" includes all other agreements or authorizations that the Client has entered into at any time to maintain his BG Account. The paragraph headings of this Agreement add for the convenience of the examination and do not limit or affect the application and meaning of the paragraphs.

2.     Constraint effectiveness

This Agreement (including the Risk Disclosure Statement, Customer Notice, Disclaimer and Customer Agreement) will continue to be valid and will cover all accounts opened or reopened by BG at any time, regardless of any BG or other heirs or personnel changes in the assignor or affiliate. In the event of a merger, merger or other change, this Agreement (including any authorization) will be in the interest of BG or other successors or assignors and will be directed to the Client and/or its successors, Principals, Managers, Legal Representatives, Successors and The assignor is binding. Customer may only trade on BG after confirming this Agreement and agree that the Client's rights or obligations with respect to this transaction are governed by the terms of this Agreement.

3.     Agreement to accept

This Agreement may only be deemed accepted by BG or as a binding contract between Customer and BG, only after BG has confirmed and approved.

4.     Trading authorization

BG can match and/or release the market for some or all of the customer's orders. BG is authorised to purchase or sell OTC customers accounts in accordance with customer orders to counterparties such as banks, institutions or senior participants. Unless the customer objects in writing, BG is authorized to execute all orders with counterparties such as banks, financial institutions or senior participants as deemed appropriate by BG. As long as BG does not receive a written notice from the customer to inform the licensor (including the customer's senior staff, partner, legal person) to be authorized, BG will treat the customer as agreeing that BG has the right to conduct OTC according to the instructions issued by the customer or its licensor. Buy or sell.

The Client authorizes BG to rely on and perform any instructions, authorizations or information obtained from the Authorizer. The resulting method is transmitted electronically. Therefore the customer agrees:

1) BG is authorized to execute instructions and does not need to consult the validity of the instructions to treat the instructions as instructions that are indeed issued by the authorizer;

2) Under no circumstances shall BG verify the validity of the instructions or the signature of any individual circumstances;

3) In the event that BG acts in good faith and without negligence, the Client will bear the risk of all unauthorised instructions issued by its representative, employee or agent, and the customer will be liable for any loss, expense, remuneration or loss. Funding, claim, litigation or claim responsibility. If it is caused by improper, unauthorized or fraudulent instructions from the customer's employee, agent or representative, the customer guarantees that BG will not be held liable or claim compensation.

4) BG has the right to limit the total number of orders placed by customers each time. BG reserves the right to limit the amount and/or total number of positions that customers receive or hold. BG will endeavor to execute the orders it chooses to accept in accordance with the instructions of the client computer. BG reserves the right to refuse to accept any order or to guarantee market hedging. However, BG will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by events, actions or omissions that BG may not directly or indirectly control, including but not limited to any delays or delays in the transmission of orders or information due to transmission or communication facility failures. Accurate loss or damage.

5.     Government, counterparty and interbank system rules

All transactions under this Agreement are governed by customary, usage, rulings and interpretations of the jurisdictions or other interbank markets (and their clearing organizations, where applicable) governing the execution of the transaction, and enforcement. If any statute passed thereafter, or any regulation passed by any government agency, binds, affects or conflicts with BG to any provision of this Agreement, the affected clause will be deemed to have been altered or replaced by the relevant statutes, and other Terms and conditions after the change will continue to be fully valid. The Client acknowledges that all transactions under this Agreement are subject to the aforementioned regulatory requirements.

6.     Consent of cross transaction

The Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that there may be a situation in which a certain salesperson, a director, an affiliate, an affiliate, an employee, a bank or bank employee, a dealer and BG itself may be a customer account transaction related to BG as an opponent broker or principal. The Client hereby agrees to carry out the above transaction, the only restrictions being any possible regulations or regulations relating to the Bank, the institution, the Exchange or the Trading Commission that execute the Purchase Order, or any other restrictions and conditions of the other regulatory body.

7.     Account settlement and arrears payment

If the following occurs:

1) Customer's death or judicial declaration is incapable;

2) The client applies for bankruptcy, or chooses to custodian, or the client automatically or passively conducts any bankruptcy or similar litigation;

3) Detain any account opened by the customer at BG;

4) The margin is insufficient, or BG determines that any collateral used to protect the customer's trading account is not sufficient to secure the account, regardless of market quotes at the time;

5) Customer fails to provide BG with any information required under this Agreement; or any other circumstances or changes in which BG shall take protective measures, BG has the discretion to take one or more of the following actions:

a) use BG to deposit or control funds or property for the customer to cover the debts that BG has to the customer directly or because of the guarantee;

b) trading any forex product position held by the customer; and

c) Cancel any or all outstanding orders, or any other commitments made on behalf of the customer.

Any of the above actions may not be conditional on:

- Ask the customer to provide a margin or margin call, or notify the client, the individual representative, the heir, the principal or the assignor of the client in advance, regardless of whether the ownership interest involved is unique to the customer or shared with others.

- BG reserves the right to clarify a long or short position of a client in order to establish a price difference or a price match that BG judges to be useful to protect or reduce a customer's existing position.

- According to BG's judgment and discretion, the purchases and sale described herein may be conducted through any interbank or other frequently traded market, or sold in public auctions. BG may purchase all or part of it without redemption. .

- Upon BG's request, the Client will be responsible for the arrears of his account at any time and will be liable for any remaining debts at any time when his account is closed by BG or in whole or in part. If the funds realized by the liquidation under this authorization are insufficient to pay the debt owed by the customer to BG, upon request, the customer will immediately pay the outstanding debts, all outstanding debts and the corresponding interest (calculated as follows: provided at the main bank) The preferential interest rate is based on 3% or the highest rate prescribed by law, choose the lower one), and all charges, including attorney fees, witness fees, travel expenses, etc. If BG pays for the customer's account in addition to the fees charged for the arrears, the customer also agrees to pay such fees.

8.     Risk taking

Clients understand that investing in leveraged or leveraged trading is speculative and involves a high degree of risk and is only suitable for those who are able to bear the risk of losing more than their margin deposits. The Client understands that due to the low margin required for OTC transactions, the price changes of the OTC may result in considerable losses that may exceed the client's investment and margin deposits. The Client warrants that he is willing and able to bear the risk of OTC transactions financially or otherwise, and the Client agrees not to pursue BG's trading losses for trading losses or recommendations made by BG or its employees/agents or representatives have no responsibility. The client realizes that it is impossible to guarantee that the OTC transaction will be profitable or not. The Client acknowledges that he has not obtained a profit guarantee from BG or any of its representatives or Introducers or other customers and has not entered into this Agreement in accordance with any such warranties.

9.     BG's responsibility

BG will not be responsible for delays in command transmission due to transmission or communication facility failures, power shorts, or any other reason that BG cannot control or anticipate. BG will only be liable for actions directly caused by BG's negligence, deliberate error or fraud. BG will not be liable for any damages caused by the negligence of any Introducer or other participant employed by BG under this Agreement.

10.     Reporting and confirmation

The confirmation report of the order and the account statement of the customer will be deemed to be correct, final and binding to the customer, unless the customer immediately objects and writes in writing within one day of receiving the BG platform or other means of delivery of the report. Form confirmation. The customer's written objection should send to the latest office address on the BG website. The address may change from time to time. Please request a return receipt. If there is no objection, all actions taken by BG or its Introducer prior to the Client's receipt of the above report will be deemed to be approved. Failure by the customer to receive a confirmation of the transaction will not relieve him of his obligation to make such objection.

11.     Communication

Reports, notices and other communications may send to the customer's email or the address of the customer on the application form. All such communications sent, whether by post, telegram or other means, once enter the relevant postal service or received by the sending agency, are deemed to have been issued by BG and are deemed to have been delivered to the customer, whether or not the customer actually receives it.

12.     Fees

The Client will pay the Introducer Fee, Commission and Special Services or all other fees (including but not limited to premiums and discounts, reporting fees, idle account fees, order cancellation fees, transfer fees and other fees) resulting from the services provided by BG. Fees (including but not limited to fees charged by interbank institutions, banks, contract markets or other regulatory or self-regulatory organizations). BG may charge commissions, fees and/or charges without notice. The Client agrees to pay BG the interest on the outstanding amount (calculated as follows: plus 3% of the preferential interest rate offered by the major bank or the maximum interest rate prescribed by law, select the lower one).

All such fees will be paid by the customer at the time of the occurrence or at the sole discretion of BG. The customer authorizes BG to detain the above fees from its account. The Client agrees to pay the transfer fee determined by BG when it instructs BG to transfer the open positions, funds, and/or property of its account to another institution. BG confirms that all prices quoted to customers do not include premiums and discounts.

BG collects premiums or discounts from customers, including buy or sell, depending on the contract of the transaction. The premium or discount will be adjusted periodically. Customers are advised to read the online amendments.

Customer agrees to be personally responsible for taxes and fees imposed by the government on the benefits of all transactions or trading activities. The Client also agrees to deduct these taxes or fees directly from the Client's account upon expiration.

13.     Interest expense on open trades

In any open position held by the Client, BG will, from time to time, credit the Customer's interest earned from the Pricing Date to the Clearing Date to the Client's account, or deduct the interest generated from the Client's account:

(i)     in relation to buying one currency and selling another currency, the interest rate of the purchased currency is higher than the interest rate of the selling currency, and the resulting interest will be credited to the client's account;

(ii) In relation to the sale of one currency and the purchase of another currency, the interest rate on the sale of the currency is higher than the interest rate on the currency of the purchase, and the resulting interest will be deducted from the client's account.

(iii) In the event of a negative interest rate, the resulting interest will be deducted from the client's account.

(iv) In all cases, interest will be calculated based on the annual rate determined by BG from time to time and BG will not be notified.

14.     Forced liquidation

14.1 The Client shall ensure that his account has a sufficient level of margin at all times. BG reserves all rights to force a liquidation of all open trades:

(a) at any time, the margin held by BG is close to or no longer sufficient to cover the negative value of the open trades of any or all of the market value of the customer at BG;

(b) At any time, the pre-agreed credit limit allocated by BG to the Client is no longer sufficient to cover the negative value of the open trades that the Client has opened at any or all of the market value at BG.

14.2 BG will have the right, at its sole discretion, to determine the value of the market value from time to time.

14.3 Locking a position does not completely eliminate the risk of forced liquidation. The balance of the account may trigger a forced liquidation due to changes in interest expenses and trading spreads. Therefore, customers must keep an eye on their account balances and maintain the margin amount after they have locked the position.

15.     Margin and Margin Deposits and Withdrawal Arrangements

Before the transaction occurs (whether the customer is a purchase or a sale contract), BG may, in its absolute discretion, require 0 to be equal to 100% margin of the contract value for any anticipated or existing open positions that the customer currently or will establish at BG.

The Client agrees that BG will promptly meet all margin requirements in the form of a transfer required by BG when BG makes a request for funds to be replenished, and the fees involved in any remittance and transfer process, including bank charges, exchange rate differences and all related fees, are paid by the customer. The customer fully understands that BG needs time to process the deposits of the relevant customers. The customer may not be able to use the deposited deposit as a deposit for the new position in real time, and may not be able to act as a margin call. The customer agrees to bear all the due to failure to meet the request in time. The loss of forced liquidation faced by the margin requirement may exceed the initial margin invested by the customer. At this point, the amount in the customer's trading account may be negative, but BG has the right not to recover the negative amount of the above part of the customer. BG may at any time liquidate the Client's account in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, even if BG does not exercise the right, it does not mean that it has waived the right. Any BG past margin requirements do not prevent BG from raising the above margin requirements without notice.

The Client has the right to notify BG at any time to withdraw the specified available cash balance. The Client agrees to the fees involved in any remittance and transfer process, including bank charges, exchange rate differences and all related fees. The customer fully understands that BG needs time to process the withdrawals made by the customer, and the customer may not receive the extracted amount in real time. The Client agrees not to hold BG accountable for all failures to meet its withdrawal requirements in a timely manner. The client confirms that BG will deduct the amount from the client account balance in real time once the withdrawal request placed.

The client must ensure that the bank account he has designated belongs to the client and that BG does not accept any third party (including but not limited to the introducer) to access the money. The customer submits the deposit certificate and confirms it as a third party depositor. BG has the full right to process the client account as follows:

(i) If the client's account has never been traded, the company will deduct 10% of all third-party deposits as the operating cost of the company and return the balance to the deposit bank account;

(ii) If any transaction has been made in the client's account, the company will cancel all transactions and offers (including but not limited to rebates, bonuses) from the third party deposit. After deducting 10% of all third party deposits as the operating cost of the company, return the balance to the deposit bank account;

(iii) Investigate customer accounts in real time to investigate and prohibit all transactions in their accounts. And report the incident to any relevant regulatory agency or law enforcement agency, as appropriate.

(iv) The weekend deposit must be maintained at 100% or above when it is over the market (ie, it is maintained at the initial margin level, and the actual margin requirement is subject to the website's announcement). Otherwise, it will promote a forced liquidation and return the deposit to the required level;

(v) During the holiday period, the deposit must be maintained at 100% or above when it is over the market (ie, it is maintained at the initial margin level, and the actual margin requirement is subject to the website announcement). Otherwise, it will promote a forced liquidation and return the margin to the required level.

16.     Agreement modification

The Client understands, acknowledges and agrees that BG may amend the terms of this Agreement from time to time and BG will make such modifications or changes posted on the Company's website. The Client shall periodically review the modifications to the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by this, and the Client understands and agrees that BG will not issue a separate Customer Agreement for it. Regardless of whether the customer has previously signed on the website or received the customer agreement in person, all the old terms will be deemed to have been changed or replaced by the new terms, and the other terms and the changed terms will continue to be fully valid. Any process of interaction between the parties to the agreement, or the failure of BG or other agent to assert the rights under its agreement under any circumstances or series of circumstances, cannot be indirectly interpreted as a waiver or change of rights. No verbal agreement or instruction may be recognized or enforced.

17.     Termination

17.1 This Agreement will commence from the effective until termination, and the Client may terminate the Agreement at any time, as long as the Client does not hold an open position at that time, does not have any debt to BG, and the BG office actually receives a termination notice; or at any time, BG will send a termination notice to the customer, which will become effective upon the close of the date of the notice. The termination of the condition will not affect any previously signed transaction and will not relieve any party of any obligations under this agreement, or relieve the customer from any owing. If the customer has no transactions and/or deposits for a long period of time, the relevant account will be treated as an inactive account. The relevant account will put to sleep without prior notice. Please check with online customer service for details.

17.2 If BG is informed or has reason to believe that any of the following has occurred:

(a) Customer has provided false or misleading data to BG;

(b) the client has participated in or is currently involved in or has assisted or is currently assisting in money laundering or funding terrorists;

(c) The Client is currently undergoing a formal investigation by the law enforcement agency and/or the regulatory body; BG may, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate this Agreement without prior notice to the Client and BG shall be exempt from this Agreement or under this Agreement. Any liability arising from the transaction contemplated by the Agreement, including any liability arising out of any contract entered into with BG.

17.3 Within two business days from the date of termination of this Agreement, the Client shall return or destroy all materials received from BG in accordance with BG's written instructions. The liability of any party for the payment of materials, delivery materials and destruction of materials shall remain in force after the termination of this Agreement. Any liability arising from the implementation of this section by BG shall be determined by BG in accordance with this section.

18.     Compensation

Customer agrees that if Customer fails to perform its commitments in full and on time or because its representations or warranties are not true or correct, it will bring any debt, loss, damage, cost or expense, including attorneys' fees, to BG. In this regard, BG, its relevant institutions, employees, agents, heirs and assignors are compensated and protected from damage and loss. The Client also agrees to immediately pay BG the damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, incurred in the execution of any provision of this Agreement. In addition, if the loss comes from:

1) Customer's actions: actions of customers or authorized persons or their omissions;

2) Forged signature: a forged signature or an unauthorized signature on all accounts or documents related to this Agreement;

3) Failure: system failure, equipment failure or system interruption or system disconnection (whether by customer or network transmission equipment);

4) Delay: delay, failure or error that occurs when any instructions are implemented; and

5) Information: Incorrect or incomplete instructions received from the customer, BG will not be responsible or compensate for any loss.

19.     Trading recommendations

Client confirms that:

1) Any market recommendations and information provided to customers by BG or any other company internal staff does not constitute an offer to purchase/sell an OTC contract or to purchase/sell an OTC position;

2) Such recommendations and information, although based on data sources that BG believes to be reliable, may be based entirely on the opinions of a broker, such information may be incomplete or unconfirmed;

3) BG makes no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of any information or transaction recommendations provided to Customer, and is not responsible for it. The Client acknowledges that BG and/or its supervisors, directors, affiliates, shareholders or representatives may hold certain forex product positions or intend to buy or sell a forex product, such transactions will also receive market recommendation, BG or its above-mentioned directors. The market position of the directors, affiliates, shareholders or representatives may not be consistent with the recommendations received by customers from BG. The Client acknowledges that BG has not made any warranty regarding the tax impact or treatment of the contract.

20.     Customer Declaration and Warranty

Client declares and warrants that:

1) The client has a sound mind and has reached legal age and has legal capacity;

2) Only the customer himself has an interest in the client's account;

3) The Client hereby warrants that the Client has sufficient capacity to conduct OTC transactions, regardless of any subsequent rulings;

4) The Client is currently not employed by any exchange, any company holding most of the capital of any exchange, any member of the Exchange and/or any company registered on the Exchange, any bank, trust or insurance company, once the customer in accepting the above employment, the client must immediately notify BG in writing;

5) All information provided in the application form will be true and correct at this date, and the customer will promptly notify BG of any changes in the information;

6) The Client shall fully comply with the relevant local laws, including any other formalities to be complied with in such areas or jurisdictions, and obtain government or other consent, as well as any relevant local taxes due to transactions using the platform to pay for customs duties and other amounts. By trading on this platform, the Client will be deemed to have stated and warranted to BG that it has complied with local laws and regulations. If you have any questions about the situation, please check with a professional consultant.

7) The client is not a US citizen or resident and does not have any US status mark when signing this account opening application form (marks include clear indications of birthplace in the United States, current US mailing or residential address (including US PO Box), current US telephone number, the permanent instructions transfer funds to the US retention account, the current valid entrustment or possession of the signatory holder to hold a US address and use the financial institution address as the sole "transfer" or "deposited mail" account file address).

21.     Financial information

The Client represents and warrants that the financial information disclosed to BG accurately represents the Client's current financial situation. The Client further declares and warrants that in determining its net worth, the assets and liabilities have been carefully calculated and the liabilities are deducted from the assets to determine the net value provided by the Client in the financial information. The Client represents and warrants that in determining the value of the Assets, the Client includes cash and/or cash equivalents, and tradable securities, own property (excluding major residences), cash value of life insurance and other valuable assets. The Client represents and warrants that in determining the liability, the Client includes a promissory note (guaranteed or non-current guarantee) payable to the bank, a promissory note payable to the relative, a mortgage for the property, (excluding the basic residence) and other bonds. The Client represents and warrants that in determining its liquid assets, the Client only includes assets that can be liquidated quickly (within one day). The Client represents and warrants that it has considered the portion of the Client's assets that may be risk capital with great care. The Client warrants and declares that venture capital refers to funds of this amount, that is, the customer is willing to put it into risk, and even if the loss does not bring any changes to the customer's lifestyle. If the customer's financial situation changes to reduce the customer's net worth, current assets and/or venture capital, the customer agrees to immediately notify BG.

22.     No guarantee profit or limit loss

Customer warrants and represents that it has not entered into any separate agreement with the Client's Introducer or any BG employee or agent for the trading of its BG Account, including any agreement to guarantee the profitability of its account or limit the loss, and the Client agrees that it is responsible for writing. Immediately inform BG of any such agreement. In addition, the Client agrees that if any statement made by any person regarding the Trading Account differs from the Customer's representation from BG, the Client agrees to bring BG's attention in writing. If the customer fails to notify BG of the disputed transaction in a timely manner, the customer agrees to indemnify BG from damage. The notice under this clause needs to send to the BG office.

23.     Credit report

The customer authorizes BG, or the agent, to investigate the customer's credit status in the name of BG and to contact BG for the appropriate (all) banks, financial institutions and credit institutions that are believed to be relevant to the customer's information. The Client further authorizes BG to investigate its current and past investment activities and to contact BG's futures dealers, exchanges, brokers/dealers, banks, and legal information centers as deemed appropriate. If the customer makes a request to BG in writing, the customer may be permitted to make copies of the above records at the sole cost of the customer.

24.     Recording

BG reserves the right to use electronic means to record customer telephone conversations with BG or its agents, with or without the use of automatic audible warning devices, and this record and a duplicate version of this record may be used for any purpose, including certification of customer orders. . The property rights of this record are absolutely exclusive to BG. Customer agrees that in the event of a dispute, either party may use such recordings or copies of such recordings to produce evidence. The Client also acknowledges that BG is not obligated to retain the record and a duplicate copy of the record for a long time, and BG has the absolute discretion to determine the retention period for the record and the duplicate version of the record. In the event of any force majeure event or non-BG control, including but not limited to theft, fire, natural disaster, technical failure of the equipment, etc., BG is lost or no longer has the record and / or a duplicate version of the record, BG does not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss or expense involved in the Client's forex product contract.

25.     Consent from jurisdictions

Any disputes, claims, breach of contract or invalidity of the contract or disputes related to this contract shall be settled through arbitration. The arbitration commences on the date of the arbitration in accordance with the currently valid United Nations International Trade Law Commission arbitration rules, and the arbitration proceedings are conducted in English.

26.     Margin recovery mechanism

Under normal market conditions, the margin recovery mechanism is to hedge the account balance below the value of the funds deposited in the account. When the current net value is less than 30% of the guaranteed amount of the opening position (actually subject to the website announcement), the margin recovery mechanism will automatically close the position with the most losses. In the event of unfavorable market conditions, especially in the event of significant price fluctuations, the loss from the execution price of the margin recovery mechanism may exceed the customer's account balance. BG reserves the right to recover the account's negative amount from the customer when the loss exceeds the customer's account balance.

27.     Transfer of rights

Under this agreement, BG may delegate all or part of its rights or obligations to any person without the prior consent or approval of the customer.

28.     High-risk investment

In addition to the standard risk disclosures contained in this agreement, customers should be aware that margin-based OTC forex trading is one of the most risky investments in the financial market and is only suitable for experienced investors and institutions. Accounts opened at BG allow clients to trade Forex products at a high leverage ratio. In view of the possibility of losing all of the investment, the speculative funds in the forex product trading market must be venture capital, and the loss will not have much impact on the financial status of the individual or the organization.

If the client has only invested in low-risk investment tools in the past, the client may need to learn forex product transactions before the formal trade. Clients need to be aware that if the market moves when trading forex products is not as expected by the customer, the customer may lose all funds deposited in BG as initial margin. If the client wishes to continue the client's investment, the client must confirm that the client's funds are purely risky capital, and the loss of these funds will not harm the customer's lifestyle or damage the client's future retirement plan. In addition, the customer fully understands the nature and risks of forex product investment, and the loss suffered by the customer when investing will not affect the third party.

29.     Data validation

If there is any change in the data on the customer's account opening application form, it is the customer's responsibility to notify BG of the changes immediately.

30. Agree to confirm and bill through electronic transmission transactions

The Client hereby agrees that BG will not mail the customer's transaction bill, and the customer's account information and transaction confirmation will be provided via the BG platform - the customer will check their account information through BG's platform login account. BG will announce all of the client's account activity, and customers will receive daily and monthly account activity reports, as well as each executed transaction report. Publishing their account information on the customer's online account will be considered as submitting the transaction confirmation and statement. At any time, the account information will include the transaction confirmation with the ticket number, the purchase price, the margin used, the amount of the margin trade, the profit and loss report, and all positions and unfilled orders.

31.     Privacy policy

BG's privacy policy is to protect customer rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, to facilitate customers to open and maintain forex product accounts, and to provide financing and financial advisory services. BG loyally monitors the personal data provided by customers. In addition to obtaining law approval, BG will never give any non-public data to any individual.

When a customer opens or maintains a trading account with BG, the personal data provided will only be used for the company's internal business purposes, such as assessing the client's financial needs, handling customer transactions and other requirements, and providing related products and services. Provide services on general transactions and confirm customer identity as required by regulatory procedures. BG requires customers to provide data for operation:

(1)Personal data required for BG's account application form and other forms, such as name, address, date of birth, identity card number, occupation, assets and income data;

(2)transaction data about the customer at BG and its subsidiaries;

(3)Information about the customer survey report;

(4)Information relating to the verification of the identity of the client, such as government documents, passports or driver's licenses.

BG will only provide the customer's data for limited access to the employees in order to provide relevant customer service and product introduction. These procedural requirements are to protect the customer's non-public data from being disclosed and to protect the privacy of the customer. BG will never sell or rent a customer's name and personal information to anyone.

32.     About Cookies

Cookies are tracking devices on a customer's hard drive that track and store data about customers' online services. BG may set up and access cookies on the customer's computer to assist BG in understanding which advertisements and promotions are available to attract customers to the BG website. BG and its affiliates may use cookies in BG's products and services to track customers' browsing on the BG website. The collected and shared information is unnamed and cannot be individually identified.

33.     Security technology

BG uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to create password technology to protect the data provided by customers. This technology protects customers' data from being intercepted and stolen by others on their way to BG. BG is committed to ensuring that the website is secure and in compliance with industry standards and uses other data assurance tools such as firewalls, authentication systems (passwords and personal identification numbers, etc.) and controls to control unauthorized systems to access and access data.

Some financial products and services offered by BG may need to be shared with third-party service providers and some promotion companies not affiliated with BG. Third-party service providers include companies that provide services on behalf of BG in contract form, such as providing SMS. Service company, software company that maintains and develops data processing, etc. The confidentiality rules of these third-party companies are not the same as BG. If the customer data is leaked due to any reason of the third-party company, BG will not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss or expenditure caused by the customer.

In addition, if required by law, BG will disclose personal information to the regulatory body. For example, if it is necessary to comply with a court order or other official request, or to protect BG's rights and property, BG may need to disclose personal information when working with a regulatory or legal enforcement agency. Before disclosing non-public personal information to a third party not affiliated with BG, the client will be notified of the privacy policy and will give the client sufficient time to opt out of the data disclosure. Before the release of new categories of personal data before the new category of non-personal data is disclosed to new third parties (not affiliated with BG), BG will provide the client with a revised privacy policy and a new exit notification. All BG employees are subject to reasonable supervision to ensure compliance with the rules.

34.     MyFaceID application

The client agrees that BG will set up a MyFaceID account for the customer on the BG platform, and save and record the identity verification records obtained by BG.

35.     Do not accept operating software orders

In order to maintain the fairness of online transactions, BG does not accept the use of any operating software to place orders, if found to cancel the transaction qualification or agent qualification, and recover all the profits and expenses of the relevant account (including recharge fees, transaction coding fee).

36.     Arbitration Agreement

Any dispute between the customer and BG regarding the customer will be resolved in accordance with the arbitration method of this agreement. Any decision made by the arbitration will be final and binding, and any court of competent jurisdiction may enforce the law.

37.     Governing law and jurisdiction

The corresponding rights and obligations of this Agreement and the parties to the Agreement are governed by the law of country which BG locates and are interpreted and enforced accordingly. Accordingly, there is no conflict with the law to interfere with or hinder the application of the provisions.

38.     Money laundering activities

Where appropriate, all communications and data held by BG about the customer may be disclosed to and checked by law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies. In addition, the Client agrees to comply with all applicable anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing legislation, including but not limited to requesting or providing sufficient evidence to understand the identity of any person who may be represented by the Client in any transaction with BG.

39.     Intellectual property rights

Each of the parties shall not undertake or use its intellectual property on behalf of the other parties or on behalf of other parties at any time and for any purpose. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, each Contracting Party shall not:

(a) use the name or intellectual property of the other contracting party without the prior written approval of the other contracting party;

(b) claim to be in contact with or acting under the authority of the other contracting party.

Customer notice

1.     Recharge

1) The Client may deposit funds into the Client's trading account in accordance with the recharge method provided on the Company's website.

2) Unless the company verifies that it has received the recharged funds from the customer, the company will not be able to recharge the customer.

3) If the customer recharges through bank remittance, the processing fee will be borne by the customer.

4) Customers' third party bank accounts and/or credit card payments will not be accepted. If they are found to be in violation, 10% of the amount of funds will be deducted as a handling fee.

5) Any payment to BG in any currency will be calculated at the market exchange rate at the time the contract is entered into.

6) Before BG signs any contract, the client must deposit sufficient funds in the designated account of BG unless specifically approved by BG beforehand. BG will indicate to the client the amount of margin required for each contract.

2.     Withdrawal

1) Before the first withdrawal, you must submit the valid identification document of the BG accredited customer and the copy of the withdrawal bank card held by the account holder to BG. Otherwise, the company will not accept the customer's withdrawal request. All documents and copies submitted by the customer are true and valid by default. To avoid disputes, BG does not accept the customer to modify the bound personal data. BG reserves the right to confirm the modification.

2) The remittance fee incurred by the client for a single withdrawal of $50 or more is borne by BG.

3) If the client applies for a single withdrawal of less than USD 50, the company will charge USD 3 as the remittance fee.

4) When the customer applies for withdrawal, the transaction amount is less than 50% of the recharge amount, and the company will charge 6% of the withdrawal amount as the remittance fee.

5) BG will process and withdraw the money within 2 hours of receiving the withdrawal request.

6) Due to third-party reasons, the bank's processing rate is not controllable and predictable by BG. Therefore, the customer may not be able to receive the withdrawal amount within 2 hours.

7) Whether it is at the opening or closing time, if there are still open orders in the customer's trading account, in order to reduce the risk of the customer's trading order being forcibly closed, the customer may not withdraw the full amount at the time of withdrawal, and must ensure the trading platform. The amount in the available margins column is not equal to zero.

8) If the customer makes a withdrawal request 4 times or more in the same day, the company will charge a certain percentage of the handling fee from the 4th application. Please check with your online customer for the percentage of the fee.

9) At weekends, holidays and specific time before the market opening, the withdrawal request of the position customer will be restricted, in order to maximize the risk-taking ability of the customer when opening the holiday. This withdrawal arrangement is only applicable to customers who hold positions. Customers who do not have positions have no effect on withdrawals during weekends, holidays and pre-opening hours.

3.     Exchange rate

All non-US dollar deposits will be converted into US dollars. If a customer wants to withdraw money in RMB, BG will convert its US dollar into its designated currency according to the UnionPay exchange rate of the day. BG reserves the right to change the above exchange rate according to market conditions without prior notice to the customer.

4.     Account cancellation

If the client needs to close the account, please apply to the BG employee. The client must ensure that the account does not hold any open positions and BG will process it within 24 hours of receiving the application.

5.     Internet Risk Disclosure Statement

Due to the signal between the Internet, its reception or the setting of its equipment/system or the reliability of its connected system, it is not within the scope of BG control, so BG will not be able to misrepresent the communication failures that occur when trading over the Internet. Forex product trading has considerable risks and is not suitable for everyone. No matter how convenient and fast online trading is, it is impossible to reduce the risks associated with the transaction. The customer confirms that the spot price of precious metals & forex trading varies from institution to institution and will change from time to time, including (but not limited to) the time difference in data transmission, and sometimes it is not even possible to trade at the published price. Therefore, the customer agrees to accept the price that BG provides to the customer from time to time, which is the best price available at that time.

6.     Financial data and information

Customer agrees that the financial data or other information obtained through the Electronic Trading Service will not be used in its ordinary course of business without the prior written consent of BG, nor will it distribute, copy, publish or distribute the financial data or other information to others. If the customer violates these terms, the customer will be liable for all losses and damages caused by BG.

7.     Trading platform maintenance

BG believes that some or all of the electronic trading services may be suspended for regular or urgent repairs if necessary; in such cases, BG shall take reasonable steps to notify the customer before the service is suspended. The Client understands and accepts that BG may exercise its absolute discretion at any time without prior notice to the Client to suspend, prohibit, limit or terminate Customer's use or access to BG's Electronic Trading Services System for any transaction. The circumstances will not affect the rights and/or obligations of both parties before suspending, prohibiting, restricting or terminating the access to BG's electronic trading service system or the client's termination of their electronic account. BG absolutely does not need to pay interest on the deposit guarantee or any money deposited by the customer in the account.

8.     Execute the trading order

The Client acknowledges that BG does not warrant that the Client's trading instructions issued through the Electronic Trading Services will be executed. The dealer or its staff or agent is not liable for any unexecuted orders. Unless the customer has clearly received information that BG has received or executed a customer order, it shall not be deemed that BG has received or executed the customer's trading instructions. However, including but not limited to the following exceptions, due to errors in the computer system, errors in the electronic trading system, and the wrong price (the true price of the non-international market at the time of the transaction, the customer must accept the trader's determination of the price based on the integrity and professional basis. The final decision of the dealer as the standard), etc., causes BG to send a confirmation to the customer in error. The dealer has the final right to unilaterally modify or even cancel the confirmation. The client must fully accept the dealer’s decision and bear the relevant or responsibility generated.

9.     Third party agent trading risk

For the benefit of BG, all customer accounts are prohibited from authorizing third parties to operate their accounts without the consent of BG. If the Company discovers or suspects that the Client is an account authorized to operate by a third party without the consent of the Company, the Company is fully entitled to cancel all transactions in the account. BG is fully entitled to cancel these accounts and collect no less than 10% of the balance in the account as an administrative fee and return the remaining balances in the account to the account holder.

10.     Bid-ask spread

All bid-ask spreads will be adjusted according to market conditions. In a few cases (including but not limited to published data, unexpected news, weak market transactions, etc.), it is normal to expand the bid-ask spread.

11.     Credit limit

11.1 The customer understands that:

(a) BG may grant a “credit limit” to certain customers. The credit limit is the amount of money in the currency of the pre-agreed US dollar or BG at its absolute discretion, and the limit can be used as a negative value for the open market value of the market value, or for some or all of the contracts (alone Or total or both) the amount of unsettled transaction losses;

(b) BG reserves the right, if the negative value of the open market value valued at market value, exceeds or exceeds the customer's credit limit, so that the customer is required to pay the call deposit in full accordance with his discretion;

(c) BG is not obligated to provide credit to customers; it may also determine the credit line in its absolute discretion;

(d) BG may reduce or withdraw any established credit limit at any time by giving notice to the Client.

11.2 The Client acknowledges that if BG is acting in accordance with the instructions and will result in exceeding the credit limit, then:

(a) BG is not obliged to prompt the customer to indicate that the credit limit will be exceeded;

(b) The Client will continue to be liable to BG for all amounts, including amounts exceeding the credit limit;

(c) BG is not obligated to act on any subsequent instructions in the event that it may exceed the credit limit.

12.     The customer or authorized user may request BG to accept instructions and enter into a contract by telephone. BG can check the caller's authorization by asking the caller to provide their name and other personal information to verify the identity of the caller and to confirm (if applicable) that the authorized name has been notified by the customer to BG as an authorized user. When the check confirms the identity of the caller, BG can assume that the caller has the full authorization as the customer previously referred to.

13. Online trading platform

13.1 If a customer uses BG's online forex trading system ("online platform"), the customer confirms and accepts the following:

(a) The Client will be able to enter into contracts at the exchange rates reported on the online platform.

(b) All transactions must be completed using the login name and password assigned to the customer by BG, and the effective entry of the above login name and password will constitute the client's authorization to complete the specified contract, regardless of whether the login name and password are authorized by user input.

(c) The client must ensure that the login name and password keep confidential properly. The client must also ensure that each authorized user who knows the login name and password keeps it in a safe place. If the customer has any reason to believe that the login name and password assigned to the customer have not been keep confidential properly, they should immediately notify BG.

(d) The Client must ensure that no unauthorized person has access to the login name and password. As part of this obligation, the customer must ensure that each authorized user logs out after using the online platform.

(e) BG may suspend, revoke or refuse access to the online platform at any time for any reason without notice to the customer, including but not limited to security, quality of service, payment by the customer for payment due, or customer violation of any provision of this agreement.

14. Client funds

14.1 The Client agrees that BG may transfer funds ("Customer Funds") transferred to Customer's Account together with funds received from other Clients into any designated account.

14.2 The Client agrees to allow BG to retain any interest accrued from the Client's funds from time to time.

14.3 Transfer of ownership

14.3.1 If the Client transfers the ownership of the Money to the Company for a certain purpose, including but not limited to guarantee or payment of current or future debt, actual debt, contingent liabilities or expected debt, such as a deposit, These amounts will not be treated as client funds.

14.3.2 The Client guarantees that BG's current debt, future debt, de facto debt, contingent liabilities or expected debts will be transferred to BG for part or all of the funds deposited, and the funds are for the unsettled customers. Position required for warehouse position, current debt, future debt, de facto debt, contingent liabilities or expected debt (the amount will be calculated daily by BG at its discretion based on the customer's daily open positions and transactions, as the market The circumstances are decisive. The amount may be greater than the amount of margin necessary to maintain the client's open positions.) The full ownership of part or all of the money is transferred to BG, which BG owns in accordance with these terms. Therefore, for this part or any client funds, the customer does not have the owner's claim and this part will not be quarantined.

14.3.3 The Client does not have the right to claim for any part or any of the money described in Clause 14.3.2 of this Agreement, and BG may, in its sole discretion, process the portion or any Client funds described above.


I hereby declare

1)     The data and statements contained in this account opening application form are true, complete and correct;

2)     I will bear all responsibility for the instructions issued in the end;

3)     I am the person who is prepared to receive the commercial/economic benefits of the transaction and/or assume commercial/economic risks.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that BG may rely solely on such data and statements for all purposes, unless BG receives notice of its change.

I recognize and confirm:

I have read the BG Client Agreement and I have read it carefully;

The risk disclosure statement contained in the Client Agreement and;

BG has asked me to read the above risk disclosure statement, ask questions and seek independent advice (if I wish). I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the BG Client Agreement and understand and confirm that BG may amend the terms and conditions of the Agreement from time to time. I confirm that BG does not provide any advice or advice regarding investment, tax or law.

Important Notice

The importance of logging in data confidentiality

BG strongly urges customers to keep the data on the trading platform confidential and securely collected. These login data are passed directly to the customer by BG. Therefore, only the account holder has the right to own the login data and enter the trading platform for trading. BG strongly recommends that customers change their login password and proper collection when they log in to the trading platform for the first time, as all customers are responsible for the trading activities of the customer's trading account. When the customer suspects that the login data has been obtained by a third party, the customer should change the password in real time or notify the company to change the login password. At the same time, BG prohibits employees from requesting a login password from the customer and entering the customer's trading account for any activity. If you have any questions about the person who requested the login password, please contact us.