ASIC and NFARegulated by ASIC and NFA
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Account Types Mini Account Standard Account Professional Account
• Designed for new forex traders. low barriers to entry. • Enjoy trading instruction service for free.
• Designed for experienced traders. • As high as


discount spread.
• Enjoy privilege of personalized service and delicated promotion.
• Allow you to be prepared for trading in the financial market with larger investments amounts. • As high as


discount spread.
• Enjoy maximum limit for authorization of personalized service and delicated promotion.
Min. Deposit $50 $200 $2,000
Trading volume

- Monthly trading volume≥1 lot Monthly trading volume≥50 lots
Maximum order size 50contracts 100contracts 100contracts
Minimum trading lot 0.01lot 0.01lot 0.01lot
Min Floating Spread


1.5 1.1 0.9
Trading leverage 1-500 1-500 1-500
Personal account manager - -
Birthday bonus - - $20
Trading instructions
Aaccount review Monthly
Review time 1st of every month


1.On the first day of each month, the platform will evaluate and upgrade the account level based on the customer's deposit amount or transaction volume last month. 2.If you have any questions about the assessment account level, you can contact our online customer service for consultation.